Soon there will be no way back. Smog will dominate the whole city.
That's not cars which produce it but the people who drive these advances of technology. Human population must rectify the situation. But the destructive indifference desperately fetters them. The world needs a new -artificially created- generation which would rise up against the consequences of debauched human behaviour and destroy the blackness spreading through the air. Otherwise the world will be engulfed by destruction forever.

      In fear for the future, mannequins are coming alive, getting out from the crowd of shop windows and turning to concrete to fight against the sins of civilization. They are the heroes of Generation TX, cheaper than people, without the soul; however, they have an amazing intelligence and will. Thanks to the TX-Active technology, they own a supernatural power for the fight against the darkness of polluted world.
The Army of new generation is coming, warning against the on-coming danger and bringing a hope of returning the lost balance and saving the world.

... story of Generation TX is inspired by the reality, on the border of utopia and anti-utopia. But the people are not idealized.


People for people   -   People  without smog   -   People - Un-people

Proposal was created for the conceptual contest "Mesta bez smogu" /"Towns without smog"/ 2013 in Czech Republic.
The purpose of the contest was to design an object situated in public space, made of concrete produced from cement with photo-catalytic properties. So the object utilizes TX Active technology, catches the dust and clears the air.
The competition aims to raise awareness about how to use technology TX Active in modern urban architecture.