Proposal talks about the refurbishment of entrance building to prison museum complex and its transformation to café, souverir shop, rentable spaces and office for the Fængslet museum in Horsens, Denmark.

The instigation of the concept are three directions. Three lines connecting main attributions of the complex:
Reception & entrance > museum
Museum > exterior leisure space
Exterior space > Café & exit

Three main functions. Three ways for motion. A triangle forming a meeting point - terrace leading you through the complex, balancing high differences of the objects, revitalizing the dead space between them and rising up by its construction and disrupting symmetric monotony of the entering the complex.

Keeping in mind the museum itself has rather an old look, and an entrance building to museum is a place mostly just for a short stop, not a main reason to come, we wanted to keep the architectural appearance of buiding, without extensive construction changes. On the other side, entry building is the first thing you see when you are coming or passing by, and should you somehow pull inside.
By creating a lightweight steel construction with one of the corners placed at the main entry, the old facade values are kept, but the symetry of the building is suddenly destroyed. And you feel you need to come in to find out what is happening there.

Proposal won the 1st prize in school competition.