Project focuses on the area of staircase in Gallery of architecture.

Proposal of the gallery of contemporary architecture is based on the concept of maximal using of natural lighting, which plays an important role in exhibiting. This is reflected also into the morphology of whole object, from organization of internal space to individual details.

The staircase dominates over the whole space. It is invader in neutral white purity. It connects all floors. Symbolizes the journey. Descent. Or rise.
By its materials, it does not cause contrast, however, it brings some tension in lifeless space and acts dramatically.
Stringers are lost in the white surroundings. They recede into the background. Only steps play important role. They seem to be massive. But light. They let the light come to the lower floors. They levitate.

As the doors closes behind you, you find yourself in an immaterial world where only concrete platforms are safe stable space, the rock to stop and perceive the art.


Project was created as a part of bachelor thesis. The task was to work with details in architecture, to design and manage to make a physical model in real scale, to be led to ingeniousness and craftiness, free of mere technical calculation read from books; to pragmatism and experiment and to a shift from a mere feasibility to perfection.

"The details are not the details. They make the design."  Charles Eames